Tips For Betting On The PGA Tour

If you’re serious about getting in on the action of wagering on golf at an online sportsbook site, then you should be looking for all the PGA Tour betting tips they can find. That is especially true if you are not already familiar with PGA betting odds, how to read them once you’ve found betting lines or how to make the most of what you’ve read when it comes time to actually put your money down. That’s where our expertly researched tips for betting on the PGA Tour come into play – we aim to get you into the action the smart way so you can start cashing out huge winning tickets.

But first, a little bit of a reality check: the fact is, betting on the PGA Tour, and wagering on golf in general, can be a significantly different process than placing bets on any other sport. Bets can take place prior to the start of any given tournament and even during that same event as it progresses through to the end of the weekend. Many bettors – even longtime veterans of the hobby – and serious fans of the “Gentleman’s Game” may not know, but golf has achieved the level of popularity it holds among bettors almost entirely because of all of the different types of wagers that can be found at the various online sportsbooks. In some way it is that very variety itself that makes betting on the PGA Tour and other golf such a daunting prospect for many folks that are relatively new to the hobby but, again, that’s why we’re here to help.

In fact, we've created this page crammed with tips for betting on the PGA Tour to help you wade through the overwhelming amount of wagers out there, and more effectively zero in on the types of bets that you may be most comfortable with. So without further adieu, here are some of our top betting tips for when you’re ready to get started wagering on the PGA Tour and winning big.

1. Research The Recent History Of the Event On the Schedule For That Week

All of us here at are passionate about golf, and if the sport has taught us anything, it's that different players are generally going to be more comfortable at different venues. There is a reason that a particular player might have a good track record at a particular course or a history of sub-par (if you’ll pardon the pun) showings at another course. This is doubly true if that same golfer has won multiple tournaments on the same course in the past.

This affinity (or lack of it) golfers feel for one course or another often comes down to several factors. Whether the lay of the golf course fits the golfer’s eye, or even if he or she simply feels comfortable walking on the course, it is a good bet that the player in question with past success at a golf course will stand to play better during the week on which you’re all set to bet. Does this always happen exactly as planned? Not by any means! But, there’s no doubt that you can certainly give yourself a better chance of picking a winner with the knowledge of past winners and top finishers going into the tournament venue you’re looking to be on.

2. Narrow Your Bet Down If You Don't Want To Pick A Winner

One of the best things about betting on the PGA Tour for the bettor is that you don't have to actually place bets on anything relating to the overall outcome of a given tournament, even the one you might be nominally betting on. In fact, it is entirely possible to place a bet simply on one golfer’s score up against another golfer’s, or the final scores of three golfers playing in a group. Bets of these types are known as head-to-head betting lines, two-ball odds, and three-ball odds.

These betting lines are highly advantageous because they, by their very nature, take out many of the variables at play in the tournament, and narrow things down to just one player, or one grouping. This certainly makes it easier for bettors to actually win a wager. And another cool thing about a three-ball or a two-ball group bet is that PGS betting odds of those varieties are formed every day of the tournament.

3. Find Out Who Won The Week Before Or Who Has Been Playing Well Of Late

This dictum kind of goes back to players who have a history of playing well in a specific tournament, but finding out the trends of which players are winning tournaments or playing well lately is not exactly the same as handicapping a particular venue. This strategy is instead about finding out more information as to which players have been playing well on the year entering the event you’re interested in betting on, regardless of the location of the tournament venue itself.

Professional (or even high level amateur) golf, perhaps due to its nature as a multi-day sport, is very much a game of ups and downs, and when a golfer is hot it is always a good idea to go with them to finish high up on the betting boards. Remember, you don't have to pick this or that particular golfer to finish first and win the whole tournament - you can bet on top-five and top-10 finishes as well, so you aren’t likely to run out of solid wagering opportunities no matter what betting lines you decide to get in on.

4. Follow Revised Odds Throughout The Week

Following the conclusion of each round of a multiple day golf tournament, oddsmakers at sportsbooks (whether of the brick and mortar or online variety) will calculate and list revised betting odds on the golfers most likely to win the tournament in question. This presents the savvy bettor with plenty of chances to still get some solid profit margin out of betting throughout the weekend of the tournament you’re betting on, even going into the last round of the competition. That being said, you should not expect for the profit margin of these revised betting lines to be as much as it was during the days leading up to the event, but you can narrow your margin of error with successful bets over each day that passes. The point is, there is plenty of money that can be won on the final day of a tournament by betting the winner, no matter whether you started betting days (or months) in advance or if you wait until the proverbial last minute.

5. There Is A Reason The Players At The Top Of The Odds Are Favored, Find Out What That Reason Is.

As you can probably tell by now, here at we stress the importance of doing your due diligence, doing your research and not going into a bet more or less blind. Sure, you can bet blind if you want to, but don’t kid yourself – you stand a huge chance of losing your initial investment if things go as bad as they could. Conversely, you stand a much higher chance of making a sizeable profit if you make an educated wager.

Another of the best tips for betting PGA that’s worth considering: the same bookies who formulate the betting odds each week do so for a reason, and they can pretty much be relied on to know why or why not to favor a player. Shouldn't you do the same if your goal is to successful pick winners? Make sure to set aside sufficient time for yourself each week to go through the list of favorites on the PGA betting boards at our most recommended legal offshore sports betting sites and see what they have been coming up with throughout the week as to the odds.

6. Pick A Reputable Online Sportsbook And Start Wagering!

So now that we have gone through all these tips for betting on the PGA Tour, it is time to decide where to actually place your wagers. The long and short of it is, unless you live in or nearby to Nevada, then chances are sports betting in most cases is not legal in your local jurisdiction. There are several federal anti-sports betting laws that are to blame for that unfortunate fact, but not to fear, as one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to skip the Vegas Strip and stick to a legal offshore sportsbook sites to do your wagering.

These sites, of which we think Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 are far and away the best, are 100 percent legal as they’re based in foreign countries where the United States’ anti-gambling laws don’t apply while simultaneously being fully regulated and licensed by their respective gaming authorities. That means American bettors can easily get in on the action of betting on the PGA Tour without having to worry about running afoul of the long arm of the law. In the next couple sections we will touch on what makes some of our most highly recommended betting sites the best bet for bettors with an aim toward cashing out a huge winning betting slip after they’ve successfully picked the winners on the PGA Tour.

Bovada - Best Site To Bet On The PGA

PGA Tour betting odds are covered full circle at Bovada – based in Latvia - and every other major golf event throughout the year. Bovada, easily the most aesthetically pleasing, slickest and smoothest-running sportsbooks out there, provides bettors with overall betting odds to win the tournament, as well as revised odds throughout each day. There are also plenty of other chances to wager on PGA Tour events including a live in-game betting option on most Majors tournaments and a free-to-download golf betting app that works on smartphones running the iOS or the Android operating system.

In addition, prop betting lines such as three-ball group pairings, head-to-head betting lines and more are available at Bovada. And for the Major Championships, it goes even more in depth with special betting lines available just for these higher-profile tournaments, and, what’s more, Bovada has futures for the Majors months ahead of time. The bookies take things a step further, offering odds for next year's Masters Tournament as early as the Monday following the final round of the present year’s event.

USA players in all states except New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and – of course - Nevada are accepted at Bovada, where first-time depositors will get a 50 percent bonus up to $250. Another benefit is Bovada’s industry-leading promositon offer on deposits made using the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as account holders can get a welcome bonus of up to $5,000 using that method. Check out Bovada and all of their golf betting odds today! - Easiest PGA Betting Site

If you are looking for odds on the PGA Tour, will have you covered at every tour stop along the way. Betting odds on each and every event will start being available for active wagering at the start of each week prior to the beginning of the tournament proper, plus SportsBetting offers odds on the Europe PGA Tour, LPGA betting odds, Champions Tour and even some odds for the Tour to round out your wagering portfolio.

Once tee times and pairings have been announced for the tournament set for that week, the bookies at SportsBetting will put together PGA tour prop betting lines, whic will be formed and offered for wagering along with the odds to win, top-ten odds and other popular golf betting lines. It's also good to know that is usually one of the first legal offshore sports betting site to list its revised odds between rounds, which is nice because of the quick-turnaround involved. It’s no exaggeration to say that new odds have been known to be listed as soon as 12 hours following the conclusion of a PGA Tour event.

Among the best tips for betting on the PGA Tour that we can offer our readers is to check out’s offers on new deposits and account reloads. SportsBetting’s financial office offers players a fantastic bonus of up to $900 on every deposit made for life. It doesn't get much better than that as far as a bonus go, especially when deposit methods like BankWire direct account transfers make it possible for players to deposit with no maximum limit per transaction.