Tips For Betting On The PGA Tour

Bettors should be looking for all the PGA tour betting tips they can find, especially if they are not familiar with PGA betting odds. Betting on the PGA Tour, and on golf in general, can be a lot different than any other sport. Bets can take place prior to the start of the tournament, and even during the event as it progresses through to the end. Many may not know, but betting on golf is very popular because of all of the different types of wagers that can be found at the various online sportsbooks. We've created this page to help you wade through the overwhelming amount of wagers out there, and zero down on the types of bets that you may be most comfortable with. So without further adieu, here are some betting tips when it comes to wagering on the PGA Tour.

1. Research The Recent History Of the Event On the Schedule For That Week

If golf has taught us anything, it's that players are comfortable at different venues. There is a reason that a player might have a good track record at a particular course, or has won it before. Whether the golf course fits his eye, or he feels comfortable on the course, it's a good bet that player's with past success at a golf course will stand to play better during the week. Does it always happen? No. But you certainly give yourself a good chance with the knowledge of past winners and top finishers going in.

2. Narrow Your Bet Down If You Don't Want To Pick A Winner

One of the nice things about betting on the PGA Tour is that you don't have to bet on anything relating to the overall outcome of the event. In fact, you can place a bet simply on one golfer up against another, or three golfers in a group. These are known as head-to-head betting lines, two-ball odds, and three-ball odds. The take out a lot of the variables for the tournament, and narrow it down to just one player, or one grouping. This certainly makes it easier to win a bet. And another cool thing about a three-ball or a two-ball group bet is that they are formed every day.

3. Find Out Who Won The Week Before Or Who Has Been Playing Well Of Late

This kind of goes back to players who have a history of playing well in a specific tournament, but is not exactly the same. This is about players who have been playing well on the year entering an event, regardless of the tournament. Golf is a game of ups and downs, and when a golfer is hot it is a good bet to go with them to finish high. Remember, you don't have to pick them to finish first and win, you can bet on top-five and top-10 finishes as well.

4. Follow Revised Odds Throughout The Week

After the conclusion of each round, revised betting odds to win the tournament will be formed. Here is a chance to still get some solid profit margin on into the weekend, and even going into the last round. The profit won't be as much as it was during the days leading up to the event, but you narrow your margin of error with each day that passes. There is plenty of money that can be won on the final day of a tournament by betting the winner.

5. There Is A Reason The Players At The Top Of The Odds Are Favored, Find Out What That Reason Is.

As you can probably tell by now, we stress the importance of researching and not going into a bet blind. Sure, you can bet blind if you want, but you stand a higher chance of making a profit if you make an educated wager. The same people who formulate the betting odds each week do so for a reason, and know why or why not to favor a player. Shouldn't you do the same? Provide yourself some time each week to go through the list of favorites and see what they have been doing.

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