How To Bet On The PGA Tour

For those who like a lot of betting options when it comes to sports, the PGA Tour is definitely one that can be a lot of fun. Here at, we try to help our visitors learn how to bet on the PGA tour and all of the different tournaments. There are roughly 40 tournaments that take place during the year, and within those events, a variety of betting odds are formed and fielded as sportsbooks. Check out the types of bets that you can find at many online sportsbooks, and see which ones may interest you in placing a wager.

Below you will see the variety of betting odds that are available every week on the PGA Tour. From the bet placed on the player to win, to a head-to-head matchup, PGA Tour betting lines are have it all.

Odds To Win - This is a betting line formed in the week leading up to the tournament, where the overall odds to win are formed for every player in the field.

Revised Odds To Win - Revised betting odds on the PGA tour are formed after the completion of the first, second, and third rounds. As the leaderboard changes, obviously so do these revised betting odds.

2-Ball And 3-Ball Odds - These betting odd are formed for each group teeing off during the days. These odds match every player in a pairing or threesome, with the odds to shoot the lowest score. Each player is installed with a betting line.

Head-To-Head Odds - Head-to-head betting odds on the PGA tour are formed prior to the start of the event. Two players are matched against one another, with the bet won by correctly wagering on the highest place finisher at the end of the week.

PGA Futures - Futures wagers on the PGA Tour usually circle around the four Major Championships. These would be odds to win the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship. These futures odds are formed months in advance, and available almost year-round. Other futures could be available as well, such as Ryder Cup Odds or President's Cup odds.

Player Props - Player prop betting lines for players on the Tour could cover a number of different aspects. Typically, prop odds will surround the notable players, and the number of tournaments or Major championships that they will win on the season.

How Handicapping Works With The PGA

PGA Tour betting odds can change as the week goes on, but the payout will be from the time you made the wager, even if the odds have changed since that time. For example, if you place a wager on a player to win from the beginning of the event, that will be the payout, even if they are in the lead going into Sunday where the payout has gone down significantly.

Oddsmakers handicap the betting lines on the PGA Tour on a number of factors, usually surrounding the world ranking of a player or the past history of an event. In addition, the way that a certain player has performed coming into the event also plays a critical role in how a wager is handicapped. If there is a player that is hot and finishing in the top few consistantly, his odds will be better.

How To Bet Place A Bet On The PGA

Below are some simple steps to follow when placing a wager with an online sportsbook. These steps can really be applied to any sport however they will be specifically tailored to golf wagering. Also, know that these steps for placing a wager are not for "live betting" as those are entirely different.

  • 1. If you do not already have an account with an online sportsbook, go ahead and sign up at any of the ones we have listed on this site. The process is simple and registration is always free. You will need to have money in order to wager but the site's cashier will guide you through that and explain the available options.
  • 2. Assuming you are logged into your sports betting account, proceed to the PGA section of the sportsbook. The link should be listed on a side or top nav. Depending on the sportsbook; you may need to expand a tab in order to see all the types of odds.
  • 3.Select which type of odds you want to wager on (explained above) which should display the page and the current odds as long as they are available. If you are not able to click on the odds you want or you do not see any listed then they are "off the board" and not available for wagering.
  • 4.Once you've found the bet to want to put money on and have made your selection for who will win the wager, your selection will be added to a betting ticket. Sometimes the betting ticket is found on a different page but it is usually shown somewhere within your vision no matter where you scroll on the screen.
  • 5.On the wager slip, you will need to enter the amount you want to risk on the wager. Your selection's odds in the bet will make all the difference in what the payout for a single dollar wager will be... the better the odds, the smaller the payout.
  • 6.Once you've entered your "risk amount", the ticket may update automatically or you may need to update it in order to show the amount you will win for a successful wager. This can be shown as gross or net profit but if you like what you see, go ahead and confirm the wager by clicking the corresponding button (some may ask for confirmation string to be entered).
  • 7.Wait for the wager to process. If you were able to place a successful wager you will be presented with a wager confirmation number and the bet should appear in your "open bets" or in your history.
  • 8.Make another wager or sit back and get ready to watch the action unfold!

Where To Bet On The PGA

Betting on the PGA Tour will be available at a lot of quality sportsbooks. Different sportsbooks will feature different betting lines, and you will have to visit those sportsbooks to find out exactly what is offered. In general though, odds to win, and a variety of props can be found.

Bovada - Best Site To Bet On The PGA

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