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Welcome to, the home of the best professional golf odds found anywhere on the web. Each and every one of the contributors to this site is a longtime golf enthusiast and has their finger on the pulse of the game – we keep up with all the news, betting trends, player rumors and general goings-on of the PGA Tour because we love the “Gentleman’s Game.” It should also be noted that the members of the staff play a lot of golf in their spare time too, but trust us when we say you don't want to know how bad we are at the game. You didn’t come here to listen to our golf stories – you’re here for our hot take on PGA betting odds, so let's not waste time and jump right into what you're going to find on this site.

First and foremost, we are going to educate you on how to bet on PGA golf tournaments online. Information about this kind of betting is of crucial necessity for several reasons, not least because betting on golf does not work the same as it does when putting up money on other sports. For instance, you won’t be putting on golf odds against the spread like you can with basketball or football, and golf is unique amongst most other sports in that there are many more ways to wager other than just picking the winner or the margin of victory

Secondly, we also aim to give you some insight into how to choose which sportsbook websites you can and should use when you’re ready to put money on PGA tournaments. Just having the odds and understanding how betting works on a conceptual level is pretty much worthless in and of itself if you cannot find a bookmaker that will allow you to wager – and, more importantly, win – real money using those PGA Tour betting odds and betting lines. To this end, we have done the legwork for you, and we’ve invested a considerable amount of time and energy researching the best legal online PGA sportsbooks, and in the process we’ve come up with several trusted sites that feature odds for PGA Tour events that are simultaneously legal and year-in and year-out reliable as well.

The bottom line is this: you definitely don't want to get stuck with a rogue site that’s just going to run off with your money after you make a deposit or one that takes forever to pay out when you win your wagers. Last, but certainly not least - this site is dedicated to keeping you updated with what's happening on the PGA Tour from week to week. Look out for our up-to-date coverage of every single event, including the four Major tournaments too, along with other things like our picks for the winners and of course, the PGA Tour betting odds for this week’s upcoming competitions.

Different Types Of PGA Betting Odds And How To Bet On The PGA

Depending on your experience with wagering on sports in a general sense, figuring out how to bet on the PGA might be fairly simple or it could involve gaining a whole new knowledge base before you’re ready to get in on the action of sports betting, particularly with regard to betting on golf. To start with though, let's assume you already know how to place a wager at a legal online sportsbook like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes or Bet365, and so we’ll first talk about the different ways you can actually go about placing wagers on golf specifically.

The most common type of PGA Tour betting odds are the ones found on betting lines involving which player will win a given tournament outright. While betting lines of this type are fun to look at, talk about, and – ultimately – to wager on, there are many more betting types which could offer bigger payouts or a higher chance of success for your money. That being said, let's take a little time to do a more in-depth look at the different PGA golf tournament odds that are commonly available at the aforementioned leading betting sites listed further down the page.

Odds To Win - This is most common form of PGA Tour betting odds. It involves simply picking which golfer in the field of entrants you think will win the event outright, and if you are right, you win the bet and the money according to risk/reward ratio as stipulated by the odds. It's that simple. The odds to win are available in the days leading up to the first round (golf tournaments are almost always multiple day affairs) and are adjusted following the completion of each subsequent round due to shifts in the leaderboard. You should also be aware that odds (known as future odds) for Major tournaments on the PGA tour are available a few months ahead of time in most cases, giving you the most opportunities possible to win big by wagering on golf online.

Head To Head - Internet sportsbook sites like those we recommend for our readers will often offer odds on head-to-head matchups between competing golfers within a PGA tournament. These betting lines are usually not handicapped using strokes, but instead have their handicaps based on the payout – for instance, a bet on one player that has lesser chances of winning in the matchup would pay more on a $1 wager versus the other golfer in the matchup. Also, head-to-head PGA tour betting odds can be for the entire tournament or on just a single round depending on the stipulations of the wager.

2 Ball / 3 Ball - Making bets on odds of either of these types are very similar to the head-to-head odds w already mentioned above. However, betting using this method is done based on groups and pairings instead of head-to-head matchups between two golfers. Also, these varieties of bets are by their very nature only calculated by the individual round and the lowest score for that given round – basically, which ever group or pairing within that round will win the wager for the bettors that bet on them. Unless otherwise noted, a tie results in a "push" and wagers on all sides of the betting line will have their money refunded.

The first two rounds of any given tournament (which most often occurs on Thursdays and Fridays) are usually shown as "3 Ball" lines because there are typically going to be three golfers to a group at that stage of a tournament, while the final two rounds of the tournament can be done as "2 Ball" lines. This is due to players being eliminated from play as the tourney progresses (meaning a bettor will be either able to wager on one golfer, or even on the event of a tie). Finally, "Mythical 2 Ball" betting lines enable a bettor to choose between either golfer in the pair with a tie resulting in a push situation.

PGA Betting Props - Bettors of all stripes love prop bets no matter the sport, and golf is no different in that regard. Props encompass several ways to get in on the action such as top-5 or top-10 wagers (in which you only have to pick a player to finish in either fifth spot or tenth spot or better on the leaderboard) or who the leader will be after first, second or third rounds of the tournament. Other popular PGA Tour betting odds of the prop variety include betting lines on what the nationality of the outright winner will be (usually this kind of prop is only available in on of the Majors), hole-in-one props, and many more. If you’re interested in prop bets, head over to the specials betting section at Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 for more details.

Live PGA Betting - This betting method is a new form of wagering on the internet that even most longtime sports betting veterans are not entirely hip to just yet. Live in-play PGA betting on golf tournaments is a revolutionary wagering method in that the bettor can place bets between shots, while the odds to win the tournament are themselves updated from hole to hole. There is literally no telling what kind of props and different kinds of odds you might encounter when using the live betting app (which is free for account holders to download) that most of the leading legal offshore sportsbooks offer. Seeing as live in-play PGA betting is so different from traditional betting methods, we will do our try to get a video posted in the near future in which we will show exactly how live wagering works within the context of popular PGA golf tournaments.

For The Noobs: Now, if this all new to you, don't worry. We can help guide you through the process of actually placing a wager at a golf betting site which could even help you when betting at a live sportsbook. If you still need a little help then just go to our how to bet on PGA golf page for more information or visit the PGA betting odds explained on another site which may be a little more detailed.

Online PGA Betting Tips For New Players

Now, if all the betting types and wagering methods we have already discussed seem entirely new and unfamiliar to you, there is no need for you to worry. We can help guide you through the process of actually placing a wager at a legal offshore golf betting site, which could even help you when betting at a live sportsbook. If you think you might still need a little more help getting started, then just head over to our how to bet on PGA golf page for more information or visit the PGA betting odds explained on another site which may offer a more detailed explanation of this subject.

2018 Masters Betting Odds

The Masters is the first Major Championship of the PGA season. The 2018 Masters will be held beginning on Thursday, April 5th. Unlike almost other Major tournaments on the PGA Tour, the Masters always take place at the historic Augusta National Golf Club. Once the dream of Bobby Jones, the Masters Tournament – held annually just outside the small town of Augusta, Georgia. This course and its accompanying tournament is now among the most prolific and important golf tournaments held anywhere in the world, and it’s arguably the greatest tournament out there.

Currently, the 2018 Masters betting odds available at Bovada and Bet365 (the best online sportsbook sites for most bettors in the US and international bettors, respectively) indicate that Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth are almost neck-and-neck in terms of their chances to win. lists both Americans with +750 moneyline odds, but Bet365 has Johnson as the narrow favorite with fractional odds of 8/1, while Spieth is going for 12/1, just behind Irishman Rory McIlroy (+1000, 10/1). Longtime PGA Tour fixtures like Tiger Woods (+1600, 28/1), Phil Mickelson (+1800, 33/1), and Bubba Watson (+2000, 50/1) are all still in the mix, if, however, with much longer odds, as is 2017 Masters winner Sergio Garcia (+3300, 25/1).

2018 PGA Championship Betting Odds

If the Masters is the first Major tournament on the PGA Tour, the PGA Championship is, naturally, always going to be the final Major tournament on the calendar of the tour. For 2018, the PGA Championship will the signature event of the Professional Golf Association of America and will be played on the sprawling, historic Bellerive Country Club, which is located outside St. Louis, Missouri. Bellerive previously hosted the U.S. Open in 1965 and the 1992 edition of the PGA Championship as well.

Unlike the other three Major tournaments, there are no amateur golfers that are permitted to compete in the PGA Championship. Often referred to by the sobriquet “Glory's Last Shot,” owing to its position as the final Major of the season, the PGA Championship holds special significance with players. In essence, the Championship is a chance to put an exclamation point on a season or, for some, the chance to validate what might have otherwise been an unsuccessful one.

In 2018, the leading golfer on Bovada’s futures betting boards is Jordan Spieth with +1000 odds to win, but Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson have the same chances of winning outright as well. Japanese sensation Hideki Matsuyama (+1600, 25/1) and American Justin Thomas (+1600, 14/1) are practically tied on the betting boards in real terms. Australian Jason Day is close behind, with Bovada listing him a moneyline of +1600 and Bet365 giving him 14/1 odds to win the 2018 PGA Championship.

2018 U.S. Open Betting Odds

The United States Golf Association is - as you likely can figure out just by looking at the organization’s name alone - the governing body of professional golf in the U.S., and it is in charge of putting on the U.S. Open. Year-in and year-out, the U.S. Open is regarded as the most difficult tournament to win, due to the nature of the setup and difficulty of the courses chosen for this prestigious competition.

Easy courses simply don’t get picked to host tournaments of the magnitude of the Majors, and the 2018 edition of the U.S. Open is no exception to that rule, as Long Island, New York’s Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is the designated site of the multiple day competition. Shinnecock’s position as one of America’s leading golf courses is legendary – the Southampton-based course, which is home to what many historians claim is the oldest formal organized golf club in the US – hosted the U.S. Open four times in the past and is already scheduled to host the 2026 edition. The 2018 U.S. Open will be held from June 14-17 and features a field of 156 golfers, one of the biggest in the PGA Tour.

As of right now, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are all tied on the betting board at Bovada, with each elite golfer boasting equal +900 moneylines at the Latvia-based site. However, the three leaders have fractional odds that put them in a slightly different order – Johnson takes the forefront with 8/1 odds, followed by McIlroy with 10/1 odds and Spieth rounds out a very elite top three with 12/1 odds on the board.

2018 British Open Betting Odds

The oldest of the four current majors that take place each year is the British Open, and its worldwide fame is held in such high regard that this tournament is often referred to simply as simply “The Open.” Rich in history and ripe with tradition, the British Open is put on by the Royal & Ancient, the governing body of golf in Europe, and has been held annually since 1860 at various locations scattered around the islands of the United Kingdom.

For the 2018 edition of the British Open, the tournament will be held at the Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, Scotland, in what will be the eighth time in history that the Open Championship was held there. Founded in 1850, this course is separated into three different smaller sub-courses, but even the largest of them, which is the par-71 Championship course, is quite a bit shorter than most other PGA Major courses. Canoustie totals out at 6,941 yards – almost a thousand yards shorter than some other Majors-tier courses.

The 2018 British Open Betting Odds available at our favorite legal offshore PGA betting sites once again favor the trio of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson. The three men have the same +1000 moneyline odds at Bovada, but Bet365 separates them thusly: Spieth 10/1, McIlroy 11/1 and Johnson 12/1, so they are very clearly basically evenly matched. Much will depend on how each golfer performs in the months leading up to the British Open’s 2018 edition, set to be held from July 19 through the 22nd.

FedEx Cup

In an effort to produce more intrigue throughout the season outside of the majors, the PGA created the FedEx Cup as a season-long championship starting in 2007. The FedEx Cup is, in essence, a playoffs system or a season-long points race wherein the PGA’s players accumulate points by way of wins and top finishes. The FedEx Cup points carry over from tournament to tournament throughout the year, and at the end of the season, players try to qualify for the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

The playoffs themselves consist of four events, where the top-125 players qualify for the first playoff event. This first event would be Northern Trust, formerly known as the Barclays. Through each playoff event, the field narrows down. The Dell Technologies Championship (which used to the Deutsche Bank Championship) is the second of the playoff tournaments, featuring the top-100 in the points standings. From there, the top-70 moves on to the BMW Championship. The final playoff event is The TOUR Championship, where just the top-30 golfers in the standings will qualify to make it to compete at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. Though the field is considerably whittled down by this time in the playoffs, one of the things that makes the FedEx Championship so popular is that there are a number of scenarios that could transpire at the TOUR Championship to where every player in the field has a statistical chance to win the FedEx Cup.

The 2018 Northern Trust

Formerly referred to as the Barclays, the Northern Trust (and before that as the Westchester Classic) is the first FedEx Cup Playoff event held annually on the PGA Tour. The 2018 Northern Trust’s venue varies from year to year, but for the 2018 edition it will be held at the Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, New Jersey. The top 125 players on the point standings will make it into the FedExCup Playoffs but they won't be able to rest because only the top 100 golfers get to go on to the Dell Technologies Championship, the next FedEx Championship tournament.

2018 Dell Technologies Championship

The 2018 Dell Technologies Championship will be contested, as always, at the TPC Boston in Norton, Massachusetts. There will be 100 players in the field, with 30 having been eliminated by the time the final putt drops on Sunday evening at the previous tournament in FedEx Playoffs. The various golfers in the field are narrowing down into truly elite territory, and nobody wants to miss the cut, which includes on the best 70 players in the world.

2018 BMW Championship

The BMW Championship is the final test for top-70 players to try and earn their way into the season finale, the TOUR Championship. When players start the 2018 PGA season, it is definitely one of the goals on their checklists. Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania will host the 2018 edition of the BMW Championshp, where 70 golfers will enter but only the top 30 finishers will go on to duke it out for the FedEx Cup Championship at the TOUR Championship.

2018 TOUR Championship

Making it to the 2018 TOUR Championship will be quite an accomplishment for all players in the field. It signifies a very successful season, with the chance for it to get even better Entering the TOUR Championship, any player in the top five spots on the rankings will win the FedEx Cup with a win at East Lake Golf Club. Players outside of the top 5 also have a chance to win, although it can’t be said that they truly have control of their own destiny. Instead, a win for any player outside the top five spots on the leaderboard going in will have to hope and depend on a misstep from a higher ranked player on the field, though with competition this fierce, that isn’t as unlikely a scenario as you might think.

World Golf Rankings

The Official World Golf Rankings are tabbed at the end of each week and formulated accordingly including the previous week's results. There are a number of factors that go into determining the player rankings. It begins with ranking each tournament on the schedule for all professional golf tours across the world. This includes the PGA Tour and nearly a dozen others.

Player rankings are also tabulated depending on how a player finishes in the tournaments that they play. This dates back to a two-year period for the Official World Golf Rankings. Finally, there is a ranking average that is calculated for the two-year window, where the number that you see when looking up the rankings is shown. This is the combination of all the rankings that are put together. World Golf Rankings are critical for players, as they determine many of the automatic entries into the biggest events in the world.

You can find the latest World Golf Rankings for the 2018-2019 PGA Tour season here on this page, which will be updated every week as each tournament through the season passes.

Where To Bet On The PGA Online

Knowing where to bet on PGA golf can be almost as important as knowing how to do it. Getting stuck with a sub-par (no pun intended) betting site can make for a bad experience with wagering or even the ultimate taboo – that of course not getting paid even though you won a bet, all because the site or sites you chose isn’t trustworth. Also, bettors should demand a high-caliber betting site which can provide consistently good PGA betting odds as well as odds for all the other sports and big events. That being said, betting on golf isn't all about just putting money down on your pick; it's also about getting money in and out of the sportsbook.

As we said earlier, we have several recommendations as the best sites for betting on the sport and individual tournaments. These sites always have the betting types we've talked about above and have friendly interfaces which make it easy for even the newest online bettor. We know this because we use these sites when we want to wager too. These are the very same sites we rely on and we know that you can too because we follow this game as close as anyone. Put your trust in these books.

Bovada - Best For Live Betting On Golf

Bovada is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to PGA odds. We often go by the odds found at this sportsbook and the best part is that they accept players from most U.S. states (NY, WA, MD excluded). Bovada features all the ways to bet on golf we mentioned earlier plus they have the best app for live betting on the PGA Tour. They always have odds for the majors ahead of time like the Masters, the U.S. Open, Open Championship, etc... Also, Bovada usually has President's Cup and Ryder Cup odds up a year before the event actually begins plus LPGA odds for majors.

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BetOnline - Early Odds For The Majors

Players in all 50 U.S. states will be glad to know that BetOnline welcomes every one regardless of where they live. Plus, BetOnline is one of the leaders when it comes to getting up early odds for PGA events and usually has a great selection of lines for the majors. No event is excluded at this sportsbook and they offer a wide array of ways to bet including props, head-to-head, 2 & 3 ball betting, and more. BetOnline usually has some of the best payouts so if you see odds you don't like at another sportsbook, check here because they may be better.

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