LPGA Tour Betting Odds

With the many tournaments that take place throughout the course of the LPGA Tour season, there naturally are plenty of opportunities for betting lines to be formed by the best online bookies in the business - and for bettors to take advantage of those chances. Fans of the “Gentleman’s Game” (even when its being played by the ladies, of course) who choose to put money on the action found in the LPGA Tour Schedule can bet on the various tournaments a number of different ways, which certainly adds some excitement as results roll in from the current season.

On this page dedicated to explaining LPGA Tour betting odds, you can learn about the different types of betting lines that are available to place a wager on LPGA Tour events. In addition to finding out what betting lines are available, we here at PGABettingOdds.com will also provide you with our suggestions for which of the several different online sportsbooks that field LPGA Tour wagers to use for your betting needs. Finally, because we know not every one of our readers is familiar with ins and outs of placing wagers on sports generally or on golf in particular, we are also going to take a closer look at the various kinds of betting odds offered by our most highly recommended offshore sports betting sites.

Latest LPGA Betting Odds

The leading legal offshore sportsbook sites – those being Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 (the latter of which does not accept US bettors) – can reliably be expected to offer the latest LPGA betting odds each and every week of the Tour. That includes betting odds on the Women’s Tour’s five Major Championship tournaments as well as invitationals – and that goes for tourneys held all over the world too. Additionally, the latest golf odds will often include betting lines on events taking place off the field or not directly related to the action on the greens. There have been specials and prop bets offered on the weather itself, the golfers’ choice of clothing, who will get a sunburn first and so on. The sky is the only practical limit for the number of LPGA Tour betting odds available at our most trusted sites.

Odds For Current LPGA Tournaments Will Be Shown Below (when available)

When Are LPGA Betting Odds Available?

Betting odds for the LPGA will likely become available on the Monday prior to the start of each tournament, which usually begin late in the week and run through the weekend. Basically, this means that LPGA betting odds will be listed roughly three days before the first round is scheduled to begin on that Thursday. Though nearly every tournament on the LPGA Tour Schedule begins Thursday, there are of course exceptions to that rule, and in those cases the sportsbooks will list current betting odds a little earlier. At any rate, the original odds that come out on Monday will be available up until the first tee time on Thursday, and will then be taken down.

However, in between rounds oddsmakers will form revised betting odds on the golfer most likely to win the given tournament outright, which will take into account any changes on the leaderboard. This is done from the end of the first round through the start of the final round. For the LPGA, this might not be done for every tournament, and there could be even more exceptions than those we’ve listed for the Major Championships, which are the five biggest draws in terms of viewership, attention from the sportsbooks and especially in significance for the overall championship win of the season.

Types Of LPGA Tour Betting Odds

During the LPGA season, the experienced oddsmakers across the spectrum of online sportsbooks will formulate odds for each event scheduled to take place on the women’s Tour. These betting lines can cover different betting angles. With odds to win the tournament usually the leading the way, those looking to place a wager can also find other betting lines such as 3-ball odds and other props. Below, we give a rundown of some of the more common betting odds you can find for the LPGA. Understanding exactly what you’re betting on is almost as important to keeping up with the comings and goings in the golf world for serious bettors, so be absolutely sure you know what you’re doing before you decide to put your money on the golfer (or golfers) you think will win in the next LPGA event.

Odds To Win - This is the simplest and most direct form of betting on the LPGA. You simply place your bet on which golfer will win the tournament for that given week. Odds for the tournament will be formed and listed following the conclusion of the week's previous event. At online sportsbooks primarily aimed at serving US bettors, moneyline odds will be used to list the chances of the players in the field to win the tournament, whereas Bet365, which serves international sports fans and excludes American players, usually lists odds according to the decimal or fractional systems.

Revised Tourney Odds - Since most every golf tournament is held over a four-day period, every tournament will have revised betting odds. These odds are formed and listed after each of the first three rounds, and are based on the results of the tournament from the previous round (or rounds) and how the leaderboard looks. Smart bettors will follow the changes on the leaderboard as much as they keep up with any shakeups on the betting board at the legal offshore LPGA betting shop of their choice, as odds on a given golfer can either plummet or improve markedly from day to day.

3-Ball & 2-Ball Odds - These odds allow a bettor to place a wager on a single group for the day. The bet is placed and won by selecting the player believed to shoot the lowest round for the day. 2-ball and 3-ball odds are available for both weekend and weekday rounds, and all wagers will be refunded to the bettors if there is a tie for the lowest score at the end of a round of play. Mythical 2-ball odds (a subtype of 2-ball odds and every bit as popular with sharp bettors) pit golfers in a single group with head-to-head odds for the lowest score with there is additional option of betting on a "tie.” That means there will always be winners no matter which option is chosen, and money is not refunded to bettors in the event of a tie at the end of the round. Mythical 2-ball odds are usually found during weekend rounds but are available on weekdays in some tournaments - usually the LPGA’s five Major Championships.

Head-to-Head - This variety of bets for the LPGA matches two golfers against one another for the entire tournament, or they can also be matched up for just a single round, depending on the preferences of the bettor. If you choose to make your wagers with these kinds of odds, you must decide on which player will have the better finish by the conclusion on the tournament or whatever specific round the wager was intended to cover. The interesting thing about head-to-head LPGA betting odds is that the players chosen do not have to be drawn in the same group, which differentiates this type of betting method from 3-ball and 2-ball odds on the LPGA.

Six Shooter Betting Odds - Six shooter betting odds are not commonly seen on the LPGA Tour. However, during the week of a big events like the women’s Tour’s five Major Championships, it is not un-heard of to find six-shooter odds on the golf betting boards at the legal offshore sportsbook sites we recommend. This betting type groups six LPGA players and sets them with individual odds to shoot the low score for a particular round of play, typically the first round and rarely the third.

Dead-heat rules usually apply, which means a two-way tie winning bet would result in half the original wager lost and half of the original payout being granted, whereas 3-way tie winning bet loses 66 percent of the wager amount, returns 33 percent of the original payout and so forth. These factors make six shooter betting odds somewhat riskier on an intrinsic level, and we don’t recommend inexperienced bettors try these odds on their introductory forays in the sports wagering hobby. If you aren’t absolutely sure of your financial situation and how much you’re willing to lose (or you are dead-set on how much you would like to win) then you probably want to steer clear of six-shooter betting lines.

LPGA Futures Odds - Futures odds for the LPGA will be formed during the season, where bettors will be able to check out the odds to win the five different Major Championships. These odds can be found well in advance of the scheduled start of the tournament, and betting on the LPGA futures odds is open right up until the start of match play. LPGA futures odds are a great way to maximize your winnings, as you can bet on the same golfer to win a tournament as you would choose on the main betting line, but with perhaps more favorable odds than they’ll get during the course of that same tournament.

Where To Bet On LPGA Golf Tournaments

There are a number of different places where legal LPGA Tour betting odds can be found, but do be aware that LPGA odds are generally going to be less prevalent than odds on men’s PGA Tour, which is a much more high-profile sport among fans of golf and sports bettors alike. However, with the increasingly international appeal of the LPGA Tour, in which more than a dozen tournaments are scheduled to take place outside of the United States (and not inconsiderable amount outside of even Europe), there is a good chance that millions of bettors worldwide will be paying attention to the action on the Tour. This increases the likelihood that the leading legal offshore sportsbooks – which also serve international markets as well as bettors in the United States – will offer the latest LPGA betting odds for the benefit of their diverse and growing user-base in Asia and elsewhere.

In the next few sections we’ll go over what makes some of our highest-rated choices in the packed and tightly contested legal offshore online sportsbook market your best bet for legally placing wagers on the LPGA tournaments you’re interested in. As you have no doubt by now noticed, we generally prefer Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and - for our international readers - Bet365 as the preeminent operators in this segment of the online sports betting world. You can’t go wrong with any of these reputable sites, but each of them have their own comparative strengths that might prove to be more valuable to you than others, so be sure to check out each of them and do your research before committing to bankrolling your sports betting account.

Bovada - Always Has Odds For LPGA Majors

Bovada’s sportsbook is the leader in golf betting odds, and the experienced bookies at this Latvia-based online betting shop regularly formulate and list LPGA Tour betting lines throughout the course of its season. Odds for the LPGA that can be found at Bovada include the odds to win the tournament outright, 3-ball and 2-ball betting lines, player specials and props, head-to-head odds and usually many more than that. Major Championship futures wagers can also be seen at all times once the season begins in earnest. Bovada covers the LPGA Tour better than just about any online sportsbook located anywhere in the world, and the slick aesthetic and easy-to-navigate menus make it simpler and more convenient than ever to find the latest LPGA betting odds week in and week out.

Those who do decide to sign up at Bovada can receive up to a $250 bonus to put towards a bet. So if you want to wager on the LPGA Tour you can use this bonus! Additionally, and seemingly in recognition of the growing convergence of the online betting and cryptocurrency markets, Bovada offers users making a deposit with Bitcoin a cash match bonus worth up to $5,000 when you upload funds in your wagering account for first time. All of the above features and promotional offers makes Bovada the top choice among legal offshore LPGA betting sites where USA players are accepted, unless of course you are from Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and, of course, Nevada, which are strictly off limits due to local laws.